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Legitimizing Small Businesses

Relax! Take A Deep Breath, We Got This...


Who We Are

We are young entrepenuers who built a barbershop and a real estate investment business. 

We were the kids at school with a backpack full of candies and sodas, selling them at 3x the price to make a profit. 

It was in our dna to build an empire. We realized in 2018, that in order to get get a seat at a table with potential investors (including banks), we had to legitimize our businesses. 

Our Story

We created a corporation and an LLC from our businesses, and a bookkeeping system to track our income and expenses. Not only did this save us thousands of dollars on taxes, but we established financial credibility in the marketplace.

We really felt the benefits when covid hit in 2020 when we got approved for government help, small business loans, and qualified for unemployment.

Our Vision

Our passion is to help small business owners become legit in the marketplace. We believe we can help you take your business to the next level. 

About Us





Keep record of and organize all your  financial transactions. We prepare source documents for all transactions and operations for your business. 


We work with a certified cpa for expert advice on the best way to file your return, provide assistance with your tax challenges and coordination with the IRS. 

What We Offer

Audit Assistant

We review, assess and recommend changes to your organizations' accounting systems and controls.

Business Formation

We help business form an LLC or Corporation by filing necessary documents with the state of filing.


We provide a basic payroll service that will collect wage and hour information from the employer and use that information to calculate gross wages, subtract all pertinent withholdings and deductions, print checks, make direct deposits and prepare all employment tax filings.

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